Tuscany Villas
Private Residence Community

Project Data

Location: Tirana
Area: 10000 m2
Year: 2013
Status: Complete
Jobs: Architecture Project, Urban Planning
Project length: 420 days

Project Brief

We are proud of being initiators of rural and suburb areas development, which is now turning into a real trend.


Tuscany Villas are estimated as a multi-million EUR investment and we are proud to claim that it is a full product of ADXA, since the very beginning. Tuscany Villas are a modern high-class living area, with a total buying and renting area of 6000 m2, located 6 km from Tirana. Their best features are the architectural design, high quality infrastructure work, parking, restaurant and retail services, the excellent maintenance, and the green surrounding space. Tuscany Villas’s quality and vision turned into a real kick-starter of further similar projects.

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