Garden Villas
Private Residence Community

Project Data

Location: Tirana
Area: 10000 m2
Year: 2005
Status: Complete
Jobs: Architecture Project, Urban Planning
Project length: 420 days

Project Brief

In 2005 we were the first daring to envision development in rural areas, introducing the client with “Garden Villas”. Contrary to the development trend of densification in the city center, we invested in remote suburban areas.


Garden Villas is based on the concept of suburban wellbeing. Our project raised the value of the property up to 10 times more, turning the area from dysfunctional agricultural land into a luxury living space.

With the latest EU parameters in construction and our environmental approach, the villa complex offers the highest quality houses for middle and upper class families. With extra services such as amenities offered by us through, the swimming pool, training spaces, parks and children grounds, to live in the complex it is a unique experience.

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