ADXA Property Management


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How our concept works in the local market

ADXA operates as an important real-estate actor in the Albanian market, since 2009 through its subsidiary companies “The Point” and “Capital Point”, based in Tirana.

We advise, advocate and help buyers, renters and sellers to fulfil their lifestyle needs and get the highest outcome from their investment.

The Point

Our first international franchising network was established in January of 2009. It reached the goal of offering a professional service and creating some rules in a very disorganized real estate market.

The international experience and the reputation is implemented locally in our agency which grew exceedingly till January 2015. That was when we decided to be sufficiently grown and create an Albanian brand in the real estate market and many more services.

Capital Point

Capital point came as a necessity to support local and foreign investors to help in the investing process and all the opportunities the Albanian market has to offer. We think the market has matured and is ready to be observed by international and local investors.

Our goal is strive everyday to deliver unsurpassed market intelligence insights, and use our strengths to help international and local investors make the right decision in their investment journey here in Albania. We are aware that it can be tough to come to a an unknown place and build trusting relationships, that is why we have worked exceedingly hard to have those relationships ready at your disposal.