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In 2005 we were the first daring to envision development in rural areas, introducing the client the Garden Villas. They turned into a success, bringing into life dead areas and maximising the value of the property.
Since then we didn’t stop, turning into reality Tuscany Villas, and working on future projects. We are proud of being initiators of rural and suburb areas development, which is now turning into a real trend.

1,2 ha of land

turned from unexploited assets into highly estimated properties

60 houses

built in the highest standards of construction and design.

250+ Inhabitants

in communities created by ADXA

Development Projects

Evergreen around your space


Garden Villas is based on the concept of suburban wellbeing. Our project raised the value of the property up to 10 times more, turning the area from dysfunctional agricultural land into a luxury living space.

With the latest EU parameters in construction and our environmental approach, the villa complex offers the highest quality houses for middle and upper class families. With extra services such as amenities offered by us through, the swimming pool, training spaces, parks and children grounds, to live in the complex it is a unique experience.

Italian Pastoral landscape near Tirana


Tuscany Villas are estimated as a multi-million EUR investment and we are proud to claim that it is a full product of ADXA, since the very beginning.

Tuscany Villas are a modern high-class living area, with a total buying and renting area of 6000 m2, located 6 km from Tirana. Their best features are the architectural design, high quality infrastructure work, parking, restaurant and retail services, the excellent maintenance, and the green surrounding space. Tuscany Villas’s quality and vision turned into a real kick-starter of further similar projects.

In the heart of the Romanian Capital

Sarah and david wide

This property comprises 4 rooms with modern facilities. Room facilities include flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and climate control. Guests can benefit from a private bathroom.

Thie hotel is only 500 meters from Romana Square underground station.