Philosophy/Core Values

ADXA will provide our customers with integrity, honesty and precision workmanship. We are committed to quality construction, service, and responding to your needs in an attentive, credible and resourceful manner.

Core Value: Customer Focus

  • Provide timely, relevant service
  • Listen and respond to customer expectations
  • Do everything possible to ensure every experience with ADXA is positive
  • Recognize that customers are armed with a wealth of knowledge

Core Value: Integrity

  • We say what we mean and mean what we say
  • We do the right thing at all times
  • Listen with the intent to understand
  • Act congruently with your deepest values and beliefs

 Core Value: Commitment

  • Continuously invest the time and effort needed to make a difference
  • Do whatever it takes to produce high-quality results
  • Take intentional and deliberate action

Core Value: Teamwork

  • We are a team dedicated to providing excellent service for our customers
  • Be prepared and make certain projects run smoothly.